Teachers Bio

Teachers/ Hafiz’z Bio

MPhil Leading to PhD                     in Progress (final year)

Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science &Technology, Karachi, Pakistan

Takhassus Fil Fiqh (Specialization in Islamic  jurisprudence) 2007

Jamia Farooqia, Karachi, Pakistan

Masters of Arabic Language2005

Karachi University, Karachi, Pakistan

Shahadat UlAlimiya (Equal to Mastersof Islamic Studies)2003

WifaqUlMadarisAlarabiya, Karachi, Pakistan

AlshahadaAlaaliya (Equal to Bachelors of Islamic Studies)   2001

WifaqUlMadarisAlarabiya, Karachi, Pakistan

Al Thanawiya Al Khassa(Equal to Intermediate)1999

WifaqUlMadarisAlarabiya, Karachi, Pakistan

Intermediate                2001

Board of Intermediate Education , Karachi, Pakistan

Al Thanawiya Al Aamma(Equal to Matriculation)1997

WifaqUlMadarisAlarabiya, Karachi, Pakistan

Matriculation                                                                                                             1999

Board of Secondary Education , Karachi, Pakistan

                                      Work Experience
Hifz Teacher2006-2009

Jamia Siddiquia, Karachi, Pakistan

Lecturer-Arabic                                                                       2010-2017

Society for the promotion of Arabic, Karachi, Pakistan

Lecturer-Arabic & Islamic Studies                                                2009-2017

Jamia TurathUl Islam, Karachi, Pakistan

Lecturer-Arabic                                                                       2009-2017

IBA-Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan

Arabic Language Skills

§  Arabic Auditing (grammar, spelling and literary)

§  Speeches Preparation as required

§  Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and Arabic literature to native speakers

§  Translating between Arabic, Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi

Islamic Studies Skills §  Support in preparing theses, studies and researches in various islamic studies

§  Preparing Islamic jurisprudence investigation, Hadith researches

§  Reviewing Islamic articles and preparing jum’ah speeches & its translations

§  Teaching Islamic subjects

§  Training recitation of Holy Qur’an

Relevant Coursework

§  Arabic grammar and morphology

§  Arabic literature

§  Translation and interpretation of Quran

Interests §  Mastery of job tasks

§  Pursuit of excellence

§  Follow-up and raise the level of qualification in:

·         Arabic Language

·         Islamic Studies